Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Commitment to Change

The College of Forestry is launching a new incentive program:  Commitment to Change: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships.   This year, the College of Forestry Dean’s Office will sponsor ten scholarships for members of the College of Forestry that cover costs associated with participating in a national or international program that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (up to $2,500 per person/event). Funds must be spent within 15 months of receipt. (Undergraduate students may apply for similar support through the Student Services Experiential Learning grants.)

Please visit the DEI Scholarship page for more information, and to apply for the scholarship.  The deadline for Fall term submissions is October 30.  There will be a second scholarship round in Winter, with a deadline of February 12, 2021.  You may apply to either cycle, and awards will be announced within two weeks of the application date.  Questions?  Please contact Michele Justice, DEI Workgroup Lead, for anything you might need.

Action for Today, Plan for Tomorrow


The need for direct, active and honest attention to equity, inclusivity and diversity is as urgent today as ever. Our world faces social, economic and environmental challenges of unprecedented complexity and scale. The College of Forestry is committed to addressing those challenges in the realm of forestry and natural resource management - whether it be through education, research or public engagement. We intend to draw fully and inclusively on the power and force of human imagination, experience and creativity to meet the needs of today’s world.



The College of Forestry aspires to create an environment in which all members of the community feel safe, respected and free at all times to participate in various undertakings of the college, including learning, teaching, administration and research.


The College of Forestry will embrace the distinctive qualities of all members of the community. We recognize that equity, inclusion and diversity are foundational values of OSU as an institution and pillars of excellence, enhancing all of the College's missions.

Definition of Terms

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Themes

A graphic of the four themes.



Build foundational knowledge and provide support to increase awareness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues and resources among College of Forestry members.


Create and present an environment that values and promotes the diversity of all College of Forestry members and guests by facilitating their full inclusion into the community.


Enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the College of Forestry, primarily through recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and students.


Make Diversity, Equity and Inclusion an integrated, consistent, meaningful and continual part of the College of Forestry community.


DEI Taskforces

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Resources